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About Us

If you are a small business owner and you feel that supporting your IT systems is pulling you away from growing your business, then Jumbofoot Managed Services can help!

We are currently working with companies and non-profits with employee counts from 5 to 100+ in the greater Los Angeles Area. If you are tired of not knowing how much IT support will cost you each month, then using Jumbofoot Managed Services is a great way for you to stabilize your monthly IT spend and to simplify your IT support process.

We work with most industries and are currently servicing clients in: Accounting, Construction, Air Conditioning Service, Medical/Ophthalmology, Manufacturing / Sales organizations, and Non-Profits.

Our Experience


Over 25 years of IT experience. We offer a wide range of services important to your business. We support: Workstations, Servers / Virtualization, Cloud Integration, Printers, Switches, Firewalls, Websites, Databases, New office setup, Office moves, Security Audits, Compliance Assistance, Project Management, and more!

Our Service

Our service is unparalleled. We continuously monitor your business and manage your IT services. We often begin resolving issues before you are aware of the problem.

In addition to local onsite support in the greater Los Angeles area, we offer timely remote support for quick resolutions no matter where you work.


Our Philosophy

We know who we are, and we are not looking to gobble up every customer in the area. Sure, we're in business and want to grow, but we care about the quality of our business. In fact, we strive to provide a more intimate and personal service to our customers. One way that we acheive that goal by making sure we're not over-extending our capacity. Our ultimate goal is to partner with our clients, and to provide them with meaningful and honest support for a long, mutually beneficial relationship. You will NEVER be just a trouble ticket to us. Join us!


We use the latest technologies to provide the best support possible. Here's a sampling of our services and benefits.

Fast and Friendly Remote Support

We remotely login with you to quickly assess and resolve most issues. Remote access in conjunction with our comprehensive systems documentation provides the detail required to successfully resolve any issues quickly.

24/7 System Monitoring

We monitor your company for a variety of services and events. We respond to Internet and website outages, internal service issues (like email, databases and software) and hardware events. We monitor the pulse of your company and are ready to respond.

Cloud Managed Security Services

We utilize cloud managed security systems to monitor and protect your servers, workstations and your network. We are notified immediately and can take action to protect your environment. 

Affordable and Predictable Costs

Our reasonable per user pricing model allows for savings over traditional "break/fix"  arrangements. With fixed pricing you will know and can budget for your monthly IT expense. 

Automated Patch Management

We provide automated patch management for supported systems. Systems kept up to date are far less vulnerable to virus and malware attacks. Regular maintenance keeps your systems humming.

On-Site Support Available

Sometimes there's just no substitute for hands-on support. In those situations we can provide professional on-site support to resolve your issues. 

Systems Documentation

Proper documentation is critical to supporting and maintaining your systems. We use state of the art secure documentation systems to make sure we know what to fix... and how! 

Quarterly vCIO Reviews

As a Jumbofoot Managed Services client we offer a quarterly "virtual" CIO review of your IT goals. By understanding your strategic goals we can better advise you on the tactical steps required to get there.


No, you don't normally find an MSP willing to put their pricing on the web. We're a little different here at Jumbofoot. We provide an honest service and charge an honest rate. Join us!

Full disclosure (and not small print), the below rates apply to companies that meet a minimum baseline of infrustructure and whom have a standard level of complexity. Contact us to discuss pricing for your company. 


$ 200 per hour
  • For clients who do not wish to save on a monthly service plan, we offer standard break/fix or project support during business hours. 
  • Hours 8am - 5pm M-F

  • After Hours Support @ $400/hour when available

Yeti Plan

$ 135 User/Month
(Minimum 5 users / month)
  • Our base plan covers remote support and regular maintenance for covered users and supported systems during normal business hours.  
  • Antivirus Protection
  • Remote Support Agent
  •  Trouble Ticketing
  • Backup Monitoring and Management
  • vCIO Quarterly Reviews
  • Remote Support Hours
    8am - 5pm M-F
  • After Hours Support @ $300 per hour
  • Server and Network Support
  • Additional Server Support $300/mo/server
  • Additional Network Support

Yeti+ Cloud Plan

$ 165 User/month
(Sold in blocks of 5)
  • With Yeti+ we start with our Yeti Plan for remote support and maintenance, and we add the essential productivity, security and strategic features that every business needs. 
  • Office 365 (includes Office and Email)
  • Windows 10 Pro upgrade Licensing
  • Antivirus Protection
  • Email Security & SPAM
    Optional Email Encryption
  • Monthly Phishing Tests
  • 5 GB Cloud Backup
  • Mobile Device Managment
  • (Company owned + BYOD)
  • vCIO Quarterly Reviews
  • Disaster Recovery Assessment

Yeti+ Cloud & Voice*

$ 190  User/month
(Sold in blocks of 5)
  • Add to the Yeti+ Cloud plan a full-featured Cloud Based PBX system with over 50 Industry leading features.
  • Includes Desk Phone
  • Unlimited Calling
  • Auto Attendant
  • Voice Mail
  • Email Integration 
  • 24/7 Support
  • * Note: Price reflects voice plan with typical options. Your Final price will vary with additional features you may select. Voice systems may be billed separately.

Valued Partners / Products

We have assembled an awesome selection of value packed products and services to extend to you, our customer. With these products and our knowledge and support, the sky is the limit.


Interested in getting in getting a quote? Have a question? Please submit your inquiry here. Or just call! Thank you!