We are always looking to partner with companies offering solid products. Below is a list of key products that we use with many of our customers. We can setup anyone with these products (not just our MSP customers), so if you’re interested in any of the below for your personal use or for your organization… let us know!


Microsoft Office 365 is the premier cloud email and office productivity software vendor. For some of our customers that don’t want to host their email internally we use Office 365 Business Essentials (basically email only), and we integrate the management with Windows 2012 R2 with the Essentials Role installed. This gives you confidence that your email host will be up and running no matter the status of your office Internet connectivity. And yet, you can provision new addresses and perform other management tasks from within your office (on your own server). Best of both worlds. No matter which 365 product you need… we’ve got you covered! Call Today!


Altaro Backup is a great performing backup product for virtualized environments. It has an advanced feature-set to rival those of any of the “big” players. They just introduced deduplication features in the latest version that further enhance the speed of this product. After several years of use, Altaro is our go-to product for virtualized server backups.


Reflexion is a quality Sophos company. They provide services to protect your email on multiple fronts. Email Security blocks viruses, malware and SPAM. It also provides a measure of Continuity (it will buffer your email if your server or service goes offline). They offer full and a “lite” archiving solutions for regulatory and legal searching. They offer policy and on-demand email encryption services critical for compliance with HIPAA and other regulations. Competitive prices, great services!


Webroot’s antivirus solution is simply the lightest, most effective and most manageable product we’ve ever used. It is cloud based for manageability, and it employs a truly unique way of tracking, identifying and removing zero-day threats. Did we mention it is fast?


After years of using, recommending and installing a competing online backup product… I finally tried iDrive. Wow! I was totally blown away by how much better it was than what I was using! iDrive is completely transparent. It just does what it says it will do. It backs up all types of files (does not exclude movies or video files like other products). You can install it on multiple computers, and it supports PC’s, Apples, mobile devices… If you need a cloud backup (and you do) be sure to checkout iDrive (click here).

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